Top Rated Wiffle Ball Pitching Machine For Sale 2018 (Product Review)

There has been a lot of excitement over the Crusher mini lite ball pitching machine by Trend Sports. Its price is relatively low and it can throw challenging pitches. It’s also an automatic feed so it’s good for solo practice. We decided to look at this wiffle ball pitching machine and see if it’s as good as everyone says. We have a list of features, pros and cons list, a review, and a look at some other reviews.

Is the Trend Sports Crusher Mini Lite-Ball Pitching Machine the Right One For You? (Our Review)

wiffle ball pitching machine

The Trend Sports Crusher mini lite-ball pitching machine with a bonus steel Tripod is a solid lite ball machine. A lot of players prefer to use pitching machines that throw hardballs, but in order to really work on your swing, you don’t have to hit a hardball. Working on your technique starts with hitting mini-balls and lite balls. That’s why we like this machine even though it doesn’t throw hardballs. It pitches with a good speed (up to 45 mph) and it throws consistent pitches including curveballs.

This wiffle ball pitching machine is adjustable. You can control the dual motors to pitch fastballs and even curve balls from either side. Because it’s using lite balls, it’s especially safe. Still, you should always wear a batting helmet whenever you’re at bat because that’s just good practice.

With an automatic feeder, you need to be prepared for the next pitch to come quickly. Not everyone was happy with how quickly it would send out the next ball, but for the most part, we liked it. 5-8 seconds is enough recovery time as long as you didn’t over-swing or lose your bat. As long as you stay in position, you should have plenty of time to reset and be ready for the next pitch. Some of our batters preferred the fast pace. It prevented them from getting distracted. Ultimately we determined the pace to be a good thing.

Another consideration was how easy it would be to get replacement balls for this machine. There are replacement balls available at for about $20-$25.

Product Features (Pros/ Cons)

One feature that was helpful was the tripod. Its steel design makes it sturdy. When adjusted properly it doesn’t move when it throws a ball. If you’re using it outside, placing it on a level surface is important.


2 Years


Adjustable 15-45 mph

Throw frequency

5-8 seconds

Power source

AC Outlet


Pitching machine, AC power adapter, steel Tripod Stand, 12 mini-balls

Now let’s look at some of the pros and cons of this device to help you decide if it’s the right machine for you.


  • Low Cost
  • Throws left and right curve balls
  • Dual motor variable speed control
  • Automatic Feeder


  • Only throws light balls
  • Needs to be plugged into an AC outlet

What Other Reviewers Are Saying?

Most reviews are positive. It’s a low-cost machine that does exactly what it’s supposed to do. The accuracy of the machine partly depends on how it’s adjusted and whether it’s on a level surface. Some reviewers said it wasn’t accurate, but we didn’t have any problems with consistency as soon as we had it at the right setting.

Like us, other reviews note the frequency of the throws. Some reviewers didn’t like it, but more experienced players considered the frequency of the pitches an asset rather than a liability.

Final Verdict

Trend Sports Crusher Mini Lite-Ball Pitching Machine w/ Bonus Steel Tripod - GO FOR IT!!!

Whenever there are such consistently positive reviews about anything, we come at it with some skepticism. However, the Trend Sports Crusher mini lite ball pitching machine exceeded our expectations. It is accurate and the pace of the pitching keeps your mind and body active. Another great thing about it is that I got better at hitting curveballs by reviewing the product.

This wiffle ball pitching machine is an excellent deal at its price. We highly recommend this product to anyone that wants to improve their swing. It’s also a lot of fun. Even if you aren’t that into baseball, it’s a fun machine. The quality exceeds expectations for the price. In the time we used it, we saw no mechanical problems. Some machines require frequent resetting because of vibration, but this one did not have that problem. We give this pitching machine a 9.6 out of 10.

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