The Best Little League Pitching Machine in The Market 2018 (Product Review)

As we rated pitching machines we quickly found that some are superior quality. However, it’s difficult to compare a softball pitching machine with a little league pitching machine. So, we divided the pitching machines into smaller categories so we can tell you what the best specialty pitching machine is. In the case of little league, the best pitching machine we found on the market is the Diggin Lazer Pitch Baseball.

First, we’ll get into the more detailed review. Next, u’ll get an overview of the features. After that, we’ll go over the pros and cons. Further more, we also included a section where we discuss our experience with the product in comparison with other reviews.

little league pitching machine

The Diggin Lazer Pitch Baseball pitching machine is ideal for young players. It’s affordable for families and lightweight so children over 5 can move it and adjust it themselves.

When it came to using the machine, it was easy to use. Thinking about little league aged players trying to use the machine themselves, we found it to be very easy to use. The bat that also functions as a remote control lets the child hit the ball when they’re ready and no sooner.

Because this machine is so lightweight and is battery powered, the pitching range is limited to 25 feet. That is adequate power for a small player. However, if you want a higher-powered machine for a high-school aged player, you’ll have to spend more money on a more powerful device. We found the range on this machine to be good for the age range and price.

While it does come with a remote/bat, you can use your own bat with the pitching machine set on auto mode. That means your players get to practice with the same bats they use in games.

Product Features (Pros/Cons)

Warning lights

Red light makes batter aware that ball is coming



Pitch frequency

8 seconds on auto mode, otherwise controlled by remote bat

Power source

4 D batteries, 1 9v battery


Pitching machine, 26-inch bat/remote control, 5 balls

Below are some of the pros and cons of this device for your reference.


  • Remote control allows batter to tell the machine when to throw
  • Battery powered machine can be taken anywhere
  • Lightweight
  • Auto feed
  • Adjustable pitching angle allows for pop-ups


  • Pitching range only 25 feet
  • Batteries not included

A Look At Other Reviews

Reviewers have noticed that this machine is good for improving the skills of players that are just learning the game. That makes this an exceptional little league pitching machine.

Some have noticed the noise of this machine, but since it’s generally for outdoor use, we didn’t notice an issue with noise. Other reviewers had some question about whether it would be easy to find replacement balls. We found good replacement balls available at

There have been some reviewers complaining of technical problems that seem to be related to shipping issues. The machine wasn’t handled properly and then it didn’t function well. When we got our machine, it was in good condition with all of its parts. We had no technical issues with this machine.

Through the majority of reviews, there is a sense of surprise at how well this machine works considering the low price. That’s something we really liked as well. This machine is affordable for families while some machines are so expensive you would expect them to be purchased by well-funded teams.

Final Verdict

Diggin Lazer Pitch Baseball - GO FOR IT!!!

The Diggin Lazer Pitch Baseball pitching machine is exceptional for little league players. It is portable, light-weight, and easy to use. The remote bat makes it even more fun for young players, though auto mode is available for those that want to use a different bat. We highly recommend this machine for families. This little league pitching machine was the best of this year’s models. As a specialty machine, it works wonderfully. We gave this machine a 9.8 out of 10 for little league players.

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