How Does Pitching Machine Works – 2018(Guide for Newbies)

How does pitching machine works?

A common type of pitching machine you’ll find in use for children is a manual pitching machine. These machines are spring loaded. Like most pitching machines, you have to feed the balls manually. Manual machines work with a lever action. Because of the simplicity of the design, manual machines like the ones made by Louisville Slugger, can throw almost any ball.

Machines that have wheels to guide the ball require a power source. These machines can’t be adjusted to throw soccer balls after throwing baseballs. They may or may not have an automatic feed. You can feed the machines manually if there is no autoloader.

Machines with three wheels are more adjustable than the ones with only one or two wheels.

A three-wheeled pitching machine, like the Hack Attack, can throw more types of pitches and often with more force. Three wheeled machines offer the most variety in pitches and speed because each wheel can adjust. For example, the Hack Attack three-wheeled machine can pitch balls at speeds exceeding 99mph. The Hack Attack can also pitch left and right-handed curveballs. It’s easy to adjust because if its dials. The features of this pitching machine can be found in the video below.

Compressed air machines, like the ones from Zooka, are safer for children to load because they don’t have exposed moving parts. They don’t have the variety of pitches that a three-wheeled machine has and they can’t throw the same variety as a manual. However, they can throw with speed and some have automatic feeders. They work just like the name suggests. Compressed air forces the ball out of the machine.

How does Pitching Machine Works

Autoloaders are often optional attachments for pitching machines. They attach to the machine and feed balls into the machine one at a time. This makes solo practice sessions easier as does using a batting cage. With an autoloader and a batting cage, other players don’t have to fetch the balls and no one has to babysit the machine. This frees up the rest of the team to do their own focused practice sessions.

Choosing a pitching machine

The type of pitching machine you choose depends on your needs. Manual and compressed air machines are normally used for children while machines with wheels can be used for higher skill levels. Machines like the Hack Attack are good for high school – professional levels. However, a machine like the Hack Attack can be used to pitch balls safely to children if it is on the right setting.

In short, the answer to the question “how does a pitching machine works?” depends on the type of pitching machine. They can be manual, use compressed air, or use 1-3 wheels to propel the ball. The type that’s right for your players depends on their age and skill level.