The Best Baseball Glove Oil or Conditioner for 2018 (Product Review)

When you have a good baseball glove, you want to take care of it. You can buy products to help you break in your glove and keep it in good condition. We found two products that we think you’ll like. A glove oil and a conditioner. They’re both reasonably priced. They serve slightly different functions, but they’re both useful. We’re glad we found them in our quest to find the best baseball glove oil or conditioner.

We’ll look at our review first, features, and then pros and cons. After that, we’ll see how our experience with these products compares to other reviews.​

Is the Wilson Premium Glove Oil the Right One For You? (Our Review)

best baseball glove oil or conditioner

The first product is a glove oil. Wilson Premium Glove Oil was excellent when used on gloves both new and old.



Oil type

Neatsfoot and others

Glove oil can soften your glove slightly but glove oil isn’t really made to break in gloves like conditioners. We tried it for breaking in gloves anyway and not surprisingly, it didn’t work well. It is good for bringing new life into old gloves. A spray on the oil and rub it in a little with a cloth and your old glove will look like new again. We really liked using the Wilson Premium Glove Oil.

The spray applicator is great. It sprays a fine mist onto the glove and makes it easy to get tight spaces. If you have an old glove that could use a little TLC, this is the oil for you. It’s easy to apply and will have your glove looking like new in no time. This oil deserves to be listed under best baseball glove oil or conditioner.

Is the Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner the Right One For You? (Our Review)

best baseball glove oil or conditioner

The second product is a conditioner and also by Wilson. Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner will have your glove broken in quickly.



Conditioning agents

Lanolin and vitamin E

Glove conditioners are ideal for breaking in gloves. Just cover the glove with conditioner and place a ball in the pocket. Then wrap it to hold the glove closed around the ball for 1 day. Simple, right? The conditioner does most of the breaking in for you and you just have to leave it alone for a while, but not too long.

This conditioner, Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner, worked really well for our gloves. We used it to break in gloves and to restore gloves. It did both really well. So, why ever bother with glove oil? Because glove oil is easier to apply, especially if you’re using Wilson Premium Glove Oil with its spray applicator.

We also liked the way it helped enhance the color of older gloves. It made them look and feel like new.

Another thing this glove conditioner does well is clean the glove. When we were restoring some old gloves, we noticed that some had dirt on them from some bygone era. We decided to take a chance and clean them with Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner. It worked like a charm.

Product Features (Pros/Cons)

Here are the most commonly mentioned positives and negatives of the Wilson Premium Glove Oil and Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner.



Wilson Premium Glove Oil

  • Spray applicator
  • Quality oil
  • Convenient size
  • Easy to use
  • Not as good as the conditioner at breaking in gloves

Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner

  • Easy to apply
  • Enhances color
  • Restores leather scent
  • Softens and breaks in gloves
  • Cannot be sprayed on

Other Reviews

Other reviews like both products. There really wasn’t much to complain about. The only real complaint was that the oil didn’t break gloves in as well as the conditioner. However, the oil restored gloves well and was easy to apply. Even people complaining about the product liked it.

Reviews for the conditioner have been positive. Though, some people prefer the spray on oil because it’s easier to use. The Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner is a hit with reviewers.

Final Verdict

Wilson Premium Glove Oil and Wilson Pro Stock Glove Conditioner - THUMBS UP!!!

Both the Wilson Premium brand and Wilson Pro brand are great products. Reviewers that use the products correctly, like them. The Wilson oil is good for restoration and maintenance. The conditioner can break a glove in, clean, and restore. Both of these products are superior quality. The scent is another plus. Not all conditioners and oils leave the leather smelling better, but these do.

So, our quest for the best baseball glove oil or conditioner is over, at least for this year. They both works amazingly well and when you consider the extremely low price they are worth buying. These low priced products can keep your high priced gloves in good shape and ready for use anytime. That’s why we rate these Wilson products a 9.8 out of 10.