The Best Catchers Bag With Wheels for 2018 (Product Review)

Are you looking for a bag that could fit in most of your baseball equipments? You can get the best catchers bag with wheels, which allows extra space for your gears. You might be looking for something that could accommodate your gloves, helmet, catcher’s gear, extra clothes and a little more. There is no need to carry your gear in different small bags or worse in hands. Keep everything in one bag, this will make things easier for you.

If your baseball gear is scattered, there is a chance that you might misplace or lose something. Your mind should be completely in the game and not on the safety of your gear. Keep your belongings safe and in a single place with a catcher’s bag.

But, what kind of bag should you buy? In addition to accommodation space and price, there are a few more things that will require your consideration. I’m here to help you by recommending a great product!

best catchers bag with wheels

Easton is known for providing industry-leading baseball equipment that is top-notch in departments of quality and performance. Players get a batting experience by Easton labs that allow you to get fitted for a softball or baseball bat. The right talent with a wrong bat does not mean much.

Their technology offers real-time information that enables athletes to swing the bat that maximizes their potential and performance. Bats are not the only thing that Easton is good at. They make the best on-field apparel, helmets, bags, backpack and related baseball gear.

A great example is the Easton E900c Wheeled Catchers Equipment Bag. This bag is designed & manufactured to please most baseball players and athletes. It has the capacity to carry all your gear and some additional accessories and clothes too!

Before buying this bag, it is crucial that you make a mental list of all your requirements. What do you expect from a good, easy to carry, spacious bag? Easy portability? In-budget cost? Capacity?

Consider these aspects:

  • Budget​
  • Capacity
  • Design
  • Portability

An ideal bag should fulfill all your basic needs. It should be within budget and spacious enough to carry all your essentials. Also, such a bag should be easy to move around, since you will not be keeping it at one place.

You will not have to carry your bat around either; it should fit in the bag. A baseball bat is big, so it will require a bag that accommodates a baseball or softball bat. The bat or all other accessories of your favorite game should remain safe and unharmed.

Why Should I Use This Catchers Bag?

What is so good about this Easton wheeled equipment bag? After reading this article, you will probably understand why this is the best catchers bag with wheels. If you are a regular dedicated athlete, you will definitely understand the importance of an equipment bag.

The Easton E900c wheeled catchers equipment bag will not only fulfill your daily needs, it is durable as well. There will be no need to buy a new bag after a few months of use. This will last a couple of years (if taken care of properly).

Like most Easton products, the quality of this bag is also superior and buying this bag is one decision that you will not regret. Take it with you each day when you leave to practice and it can travel well over long distances too. This equipment bag will be your perfect companion!

What should be the features of a perfect bag? Let me shed some light on the features, so that you can make an informed decision.

What Are the Key Features of This Catchers Bag?

The Easton wheeled equipment bag comes with a host of useful aspects that will be discussed in detail. There are such great options to have in a bag; I bet you would be pleasantly surprised by a few of these. The basic features are:

  • Designed to handle large capacity
  • Made of durable Polyester
  • Big zippers to enable easy close/open
  • Insulated holder for water bottle
  • Felt-lined pocket for valuables
  • Integrated fence hook bottom rails
  • Wide-set wheels for easy transportability

The large capacity of the Easton E900c ensures that there is enough room for all your belongings. Keep your things on wheels with this wheeled equipment bag, making it so easy to move around. And you can keep a lot in it, like all your gear including your baseball bat!

The material used for the construction of this bag is 600 D polyester and T420D Hex rip stop which is really sturdy. This durable material is made to withstand a lot of wear and tear. You also get big good quality long-lasting zippers that open and close easily.

The bag has one big zipped compartment with smaller compartments outside. The inside of the bag is orange in color, this ensure that finding things in the bag remains easy. There is a special place for your baseball bats in this bag.

What size baseball bat can this bag accommodate? The longest Easton bat manufactured is 34 inches and it can easily fit in this bag. You can keep up to 4 baseball bats in the E900c wheeled equipment bag.

You get the best catchers bag with wheels and much more. There is a bottle holder which is completely insulated so that the contents in it remain cold. You get to keep your drinks cold too!

There is pocket in the bag for your valuables; you can maybe keep your watch, phone or things like that in it. This pocket is felt-lined and it will keep your important things safe. You also get a removable pocket that is meant for embellishment.

This Easton equipment bag has really strong rails at the bottom which are integrated with fence hooks. There are wheels for mobility, so that you can take this bag where ever you want with complete ease. The dimensions of this bag are 12” X 12” X 36” (H X W X L).

What Does The Reviews Say?

A good equipment carrying bag should be loved by its users and make their lives easier in one way or other. The Easton E900c Wheeled Catcher’s Equipment Bag is meant for the equipment of a single athlete. There are bigger sizes available if you are looking for a team equipment bag.

Although, this bag can carry 4 baseball bats, helmet, a couple of gloves and more gear generally used by a single athlete. So, it is recommended to not share this bag among teammates, as the space might be limited. But, there are options of bigger bags in this category.

This product has been loved by most people who used it, but it is up to you to decide. I will help you by highlighting the most prominent positives and negatives of his equipment carrying bag.


  • Durable polyester fabric
  • Insulated water holder
  • Hold up to 4 bats with added equipment

  • Single huge compartment
  • Questionable zipper quality

The Easton E900c equipment bag with wheels is made for catchers, all your equipment will fit into it easily. You get insulated drinks bottle storage, a pocket for your valuables and the ability to carry 4 bats. But there are certain issues that have come to light.

Since this bag has one large compartment; most equipment goes into it, causing it to create a degree of added pressure. This centralized pressure could be harmful to the bats below, so the weight needs to be distributed. You can avoid keeping very heavy gear on top of the bats.

Ensuring that this bag stand sup right is also difficult; it topples off to the front. It can be put on its back only. Although this issue can be solved with a little modification by adding holders or support, you’ll have to do it yourself.

The zippers of this bag could give out a little earlier than expected. This is rare but happens with all zippers. The zippers used are big and good-quality, to ensure their long life be careful while opening and closing the bag.

Final Verdict

Easton E900c Wheeled Catchers Equipment Bag - GO FOR IT!!!

The Easton E900c Wheeled Catcher’s Equipment Bag is something to look out for when considering about buying a new bag. It is perfect for baseball players and athletes with a daily practice routine. Or it can also be a temporary storage for your gear.

It is, without a doubt, one of the best catchers bag with wheels with an acceptable price tag. You get the Easton quality with the already great features of this bag. If you think it is suitable for you, just go for it!

Or could be ideal for your friend or fellow baseball player? Also, you can share this article with your athlete friend, if you find it informative or helpful in any way. You are welcome to leave your valuable comments and experiences in the section below.