Best Youth Baseball Gloves For 2018 – Detailed Reviews

Are you looking for the best youth baseball glove? There are a lot of youth baseball gloves to choose from, but we have you covered. We narrowed down the search for you so you just need to look at the 8 top contenders. We considered fit, comfort when catching the ball/shock absorption, and flexibility. We also took into account field position. So, while we have an all-around favorite, there are other youth baseball mitts that might work for your child or team.

First, we’ll look at our top recommendation. Next, we’ll compare the individual gloves so you can pick out the best one for you. Finally, we’ll have a detailed review of each youth baseball glove individually and ideas for the positions where they would be most useful.

Our Recommendation

The glove that we found most impressive all-around is the Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove. It’s reasonably priced, it’s designed to help youth players learn to catch properly. It fits well, and it’s flexible. This glove certainly earned its top spot on our list.

One thing that can’t be taken for granted in any glove is the closure. It ensures proper fit and comfort. Our players loved the easy closure and the fit. This glove is great for youth players. It’s available for both the left and right hand. To learn more about this glove, check out our full review below.

Comparison Chart Top Rated Youth Baseball Gloves




​Rating (1-5)

best youth baseball gloves

  • Material: Leather
  • Comfort Rating: 9.6/10

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Easton Mako Youth Series Glove

  • Material: Leather
  • Comfort Rating: 8.4/10

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Wilson A200 Series 10 Inch Youth Baseball Glove

  • Material: Vinyl
  • Comfort Rating: 8.7/10

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Akadema Rookie Series: AJT99 Youth

  • Material: Steerhide/Akademalyte
  • Comfort Rating: 8.8/10

Rating: 4.3/5.0

Franklin Sports Air Tech Left Handed Youth Baseball Glove

  • Material: Air Tech Material/Soft foam
  • Comfort Rating: 9.2/10

Rating: 4.5/5.0


  • Material: Vinyl
  • Comfort Rating: 9.0/10

Rating: 4.2/5.0

Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Youth Catcher's Mitt

  • Material: Leather
  • Comfort Rating: 8.9/10

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Easton Youth Z-Flex ZFX 901 Ball Glove

  • Material: Leather
  • Comfort Rating: 9.3/10

Rating: 4.5/5.0

The 8 Best Youth Baseball Glove Product Reviews

1. Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove - Best rated youth baseball gloves

The Mizuno youth Prospect Mitt was our favorite for many reasons. The first is the deep pocket which makes it almost impossible to catch the ball incorrectly. Also, it has padding that made catching the ball more comfortable for many players. The shock of the ball thrown relatively quickly was minimal.

The fit of this glove was also better than the rest. The closure was easy to use and adjust for even our youngest players. A well-adjusted glove won’t slip and it will be comfortable for long innings. That’s a major factor in youth baseball. The kids are there for fun and a glove that doesn’t fit well is no fun and a distraction.

In this case, we used the 11.5” glove. It fit well and was true to size. It was easy to break in and everyone liked it from the first player to the last. Even some kids that didn’t play baseball a lot were able to learn to catch properly using this glove. That’s another reason it really stood out from the pack and why it is considered as one of the best youth baseball gloves.

2. Easton Mako Youth Series Glove - Best youth first base glove

The Easton Mako youth glove was another great glove. While it is an all positions glove, we found it worked for first bases because of its shape, flexibility, and grip.

It doesn’t have a lot of padding which our first basemen didn’t mind. The pocket is deep, but not as deep as the Mizuno Youth Prospect. This is an 11-inch glove so it fit most of our players well.

Our players thought it was comfortable, but our first basemen were most impressed.

3. Wilson A200 Series 10 Inch Youth Baseball Glove - Best youth outfield glove

The Wilson was a great performer. While it is an all positions glove, our outfielders really liked it. It out preformed gloves that were much more expensive. The low cost and the great design make it a glove you should consider. What we really liked was the surprisingly good craftsmanship of this glove. It didn’t appear to be real leather, and the price suggests it’s not. Still, the stitching was good and the fit was great as well.

We used the 10-inch glove and it was a good fit for most of our players. Older kids may want an 11 inch, but our guys did ok with this size. Even our players that were beginners really liked this glove. The pocket isn’t as deep as the Mizuno Youth Prospect, but it was still fairly easy for our players to get used to it

4. Akadema Rookie Series: AJT99 Youth - Youth left handed baseball glove

For our non-scientific testing we had some left handed throwers and some righties that were willing to give it a shot. Our left handed players preferred the Akadema Rookie Series glove over the other left-handed gloves including the left-handed Mizuno Catcher’s Mitt. However, we only had one experienced catcher and he was right handed. That’s why we still put the Mizuno Catcher’s Mitt at the top of its own category. No one had specific complaints, they just preferred the Akadema.

The Akadema was a favorite because it was easy to break in and it was comfortable. Its 11” size was perfect for our players. One major factor we considered was fit. We didn’t use the same sizes, but the age range and the fit match for this glove and that’s what is important.

One reason this glove was so flexible was its lack of padding. We found this a little concerning because well-placed padding will protect the player’s hand and absorb shock. However, our players liked it and we weren’t going to argue with children.

Some gloves that didn’t make our list were far stiffer than this youth baseball glove. This children’s baseball glove was far more comfortable and flexible than many of the others.

5. Franklin Sports Air Tech Left Handed Youth Baseball Glove - Top rated youth baseball gloves

This left handed glove also worked well for our players. We had the 9” version. It was small for some of our older players, but younger players liked it and its color. The entire glove feels well padded and there didn’t seem to be a significant shock. Its price is also great. Most of the ones we found sold for less than $30 with the cheapest being at Amazon.

This beat out more expensive gloves that we didn’t include on our list because our players really liked the soft material. The same design might not work for older kids or adults, but the little ones loved it.

We had a selection of left handed players, those players definitely preferred this glove. Some right handed players gave it a try, but it didn’t feel right. This is a glove for left handed players.

6. Rawlings Youth Players Series - Best youth first base mitt

We used the 10-inch version of this glove. It has a deep pocket and soft lining. Our players liked the feel of this glove immediately. We did question the quality, however.

One reason it’s so comfortable and easy to break in is that it isn’t leather. The vinyl is ok, but not as durable. By the time we finished the testing, this glove showed more wear than others. Still, our players liked it. It was easy to put on and it was very flexible. This glove can be used anywhere on the field, we thought it excelled as a first baseman’s mitt.

One idea is to use this as an all position backup mitt. Children lose their gloves or you would rather have them play with their friends using a cheaper mitt. This would be a good mitt for that as well. However, it really is a great first base mitt. It outshined some higher priced mitts.

7. Mizuno Prospect GXC112 Youth Catcher's Mitt - Best youth catchers mitt

This glove as in contention for our best left-handed glove, but as a catcher’s mitt it excelled. Players not used to catcher’s mitts may not appreciate the comfort and utility of this mitt, but it did stand out.

The V-notch makes it easy to close and very flexible where it needs flexibility. This made it easy to catch the ball and hold it in place.

The padding in this mitt was excellent. Even inexperienced catchers were catching the ball properly and feeling no pain while they were learning. The last thing you want is an injury. The padding is good for shock absorption and that will reduce the chance of injury. While not all injuries can be prevented, we should prevent the ones we can.

This youth catchers mitt is also easy to break in. Our first player to our last had no trouble with it being inflexible. Mizuno youth baseball gloves are high quality.

8. Easton Youth Z-Flex ZFX 901 Ball Glove - Best youth infield glove

If you want a glove specifically for the infield, consider the Easton Youth Z-Flex Ball Glove. We used a 9-inch glove. It was small for a few of our players, but most of them really liked it. The infielders, in particular, really liked this glove.

One nice feature of this glove is that the pinkie and ring finger are connected. That provides more leverage for the player when closing the glove.

It was fairly easy to adjust and fit the players, but not as easy as some of the other gloves. Your very young players may need help. Still, they very much enjoyed using this glove more than some of the others that didn’t make the list.

Tips for buyers

  • Look for a flexible glove. Many Youth gloves don’t require the same amount of break in as adult gloves.
  • Look for one that fits the right age range. The manufacturer should include an age range. If they don’t, look for reviews that say the best age for the glove.
  • Make sure it’s well padded. The point of the glove is to absorb shock. You don’t want your child catching with a mitt that is not well made. While kids should catch the ball in the pocket, if the ball hits the glove at the wrong angle, you want to make sure it doesn’t hurt.
  • Consider the material. Leather is standard on most gloves, but some manufacturers use other materials. The reason leather is most common is because it’s strong and durable. It can also be flexible if it’s the right kind. Leather gloves need to be broken in more than others, but they’re worth the time.
  • Look for a deep pocket. A well placed and deep pocket will help your child learn to catch the ball correctly. If they’re new to the game, they may want to catch the ball in their palm. A good glove will make it natural to catch the ball in the pocket.

Watch the video below to learn more on how to choose a baseball glove for youth.


All of the youth baseball mitts in our best youth baseball gloves list were superb. Not all of them are extremely durable. Vinyl won’t last as long as leather. However, a vinyl glove is fine for a growing child that will need a new glove when they get older. All of these gloves were also low price. That’s one reason we feel that they’re such great gloves.

The glove we found most interesting is still the Mizuno GPP1150Y1 Youth Prospect Ball Glove. Not only did this best youth baseball glove finalists beat the higher priced competition, they’re also affordable. That’s important because kids grow and they’ll need adult sized gloves before you know it. If you need a new baseball glove for your child or a team, these gloves are the best on the market. They are definitely worth your consideration. Our players liked these gloves not only for their comfort, but for their flexibility and utility.

If you are looking for adult baseball gloves instead, do visit our product reviews on the best baseball gloves for 2018.