Best Baseball Gloves Brands for 2018 (Brand Reviews)

There are many competing brands of baseball gloves, but how can you as a consumer know which is the best? We found 3 brands that you can look for so you know you’re getting quality. Each has its own unique advantages and perhaps a few drawbacks you should know about. We will talk about the best baseball gloves brands so you can have an idea which one is right for you. First, we’ll talk about Mizuno, then Easton, and then Louisville Slugger. We’ll conclude with a summary of each.

Mizuno Brand

Mizuno makes a lot of sports equipment from golf clubs to baseball bats. Their gloves vary widely in price from around $35 to $600. Being such a large company, they have gloves for every field position. Each glove is designed differently. The $600 glove is made with special leather and a proprietary tanning process. See the video below to understand why this brand is so popular.

Because infielders, outfielders, and catchers require drastically different gloves you can’t always tell a Mizuno glove from a distance unless you’re well versed in the brand. Each glove can be black or brown though there are often more.

The Pro LE, for example, is $600 and comes in variations of black and brown. The Global Elite includes those colors, but also blue and red. Each type of glove is also available for every position on the field, not to mention different sizes. The only way you know it’s a Mizuno is by catching a glimpse at the logo on the wrist strap.

Mizuno gloves are real leather, they break in easily, and are well padded according to the needs of the position. If you need a glove from low price to exceptional high price gloves, they have it.

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Easton Brand

Easton is another high-quality brand. An Easton glove can cost from $50-$250. Their lead line is the Mako legacy which has been redesigned. These gloves cost about $180 and they make a version for each position on the field from catcher to outfield. What makes them worth so much? The materials. They have sheepskin lining that is hand oiled and rawhide lacing on the infielder’s glove with a tensile strength of about 100 lbs.

Easton uses excellent materials to make their baseball gloves. It is important to know what is your main goal when choosing the right gloves. Easton gloves may seem expensive, but when you consider the materials used and the craftsmanship, they’re worth it.

Louisville Slugger Brand

best baseball gloves brands

Louisville Slugger is a great low price option. With prices ranging from $50-$100 for most of their gloves, they are a good alternative if Easton is too pricey. They sell gloves for all positions and are a company that really focuses on baseball. It’s no surprise that they are one of our best baseball gloves brands. They have everything from apparel to gear bags.

Even low-end Louisville Slugger gloves have padding and are made of real leather. Like all leather products, they require some break in, but not a lot. They’re made of soft leather. A little conditioning and your glove should be ready for the field.


All three brands make great gloves. Mizuno, in particular, makes high priced gloves, but Easton makes some high-priced ones as well. Are they worth the price? Considering the special tanning and the sheepskin lining, yes. There’s a reason these gloves are so expensive. Louisville Slugger makes cheaper gloves, but they are good quality as well. Remember Mizuno gloves start at $35. Just being low cost doesn’t make it a low-quality brand. You need to consider what value you get for the money.

These are 3 of the best baseball gloves brands you can find on the market today. If you need a good glove, give them a try. If you want to know each individual product reviews, you can find it on the best baseball gloves for adults and also for youth.