Best Baseball Gloves For 2018 (Detailed Reviews)

You may have asked yourself “What is the best baseball gloves”? When looking for the best baseball gloves, there are many things to consider. The best gloves vary by position played. We have an all-around favorite glove and some suggestions for other gloves you might like. We carefully selected 8 gloves for our best baseball gloves reviews. Each one has its own benefits.

So, if you’ve been looking for a good baseball glove, you’ve come to the right place. We have the information all lined up for you so you make a good decision when buying your next glove or gloves for your team.

First, we’ll tell you our all-around favourite and then we will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each glove using a comparison table followed by a detailed review.

Our Top Recommendation of the Best Baseball Gloves

The Easton Salvo Mesh Series 1st Baseman's Mitt is our favourite of the top 8 gloves. After trying out both the right and left-handed versions on the field with the other gloves we found this glove to be superior. From the material it’s made of to the comfort when catching the ball, this glove was the best.

The Easton Salvo Mitt is comfortable and has a deep pocket for catching the ball. The black color with the white stitching is a nice touch as well. This is a nice-looking mitt that performs well under pressure.

Comparison Table of the Top 8 Baseball Gloves




​Rating (1-5)

best baseball gloves

  • Material: Cowhide
  • Palm Padding: Yes
  • Comfort Rating: 9.5/10

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Louisville Slugger American Crafted Icon Series Ball Glove (12.75-inch)

  • Material: Cowhide
  • Palm Padding: No
  • Comfort Rating: 7.5/10

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Rawlings Renegade Series First Base Mitt

  • Material: Grain Leather
  • Palm Padding: Yes
  • Comfort Rating: 8.5/10

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Mizuno MVP Series GMVP1275B2 12.75

  • Material: Bio Throwback Leather
  • Palm Padding: Yes
  • Comfort Rating: 8.5/10

Rating: 4.0/5.0

Rawlings Sporting Goods Player Preferred Gloves

  • Material: Grain Leather
  • Palm Padding: Yes
  • Comfort Rating: 9/10

Rating: 4.7/5.0

Wilson A800 FP125 Game Ready Soft Fit Fielder's Throw Fastpitch Glove (12.5-Inch)

  • Material: ECCO leather
  • Palm Padding: No
  • Comfort Rating: 8/10

Rating: 4.2/5.0

Wilson A2000 PS 1st Base Baseball Glove

  • Material: Pro Stock Leather
  • Palm Padding: Yes
  • Comfort Rating: 7.5/10

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Louisville Slugger FG25CR5 125 Series Cream Fielding Glove

  • Material: Cowhide
  • Palm Padding: No
  • Comfort Rating: 7/10

Rating: 4.6/5.0

The 8 Best Baseball Gloves Reviews

1. Easton Salvo Mesh Series 1st Baseman's Mitt - Best first base glove

This mitt is a very comfortable first base mitt. It has a double deep palm design that will even serve you well playing softball. This glove also has an improved wrist strap from previous versions. The new lockdown wrist strap keeps the mitt comfortable and secure on the player’s hand. We thought it was a step up from the old wrist strap, which was good, but not as secure.

The 365 cowhide makes this a durable glove and the mesh is perfectly placed to allow more flexibility. While it was a little stiff at first, we can say that as soon as it’s broken in, it’s very flexible. Another thing you’ll notice about it is how light it is. While it has plenty of padding, the mesh makes it extra light weight.

The 13.5” size is our favorite. It’s large enough for a man’s hand. Our 1st baseman was quite pleased with the fit and the way the palm padding seemed especially shock absorbent.

Aside from needed to be broken in, this glove was great. One of our team thought that it looked smaller than the indicated size, but it fit just fine. This was our favorite first base glove and all-around favorite as well.

Its low price has to be mentioned. There are $200 mitts out there that don’t come close to this one in comfort and utility. This isn’t just the best, it’s also among the cheapest first base mitts.

2. Louisville Slugger American Crafted Icon Series Ball Glove (12.75-inch) - Best Outfield Baseball Gloves

The 12.75” version of this glove was great. While it wasn’t quite as flexible as some others. Its two-toned leather made it extra attractive. While it didn’t fit one of our outfielders, everyone else thought it was comfortable enough.

The break in time for this glove is short. Only 30 minutes of break in time and it was flexible. Not as Flexible as some of the others, but it was easy to grip the ball. We would recommend this glove to not only adults but older children as well.

3. Rawlings Renegade Series First Base Mitt - Best Cheap First Base Gloves

This is the lowest priced first base glove that we really liked. Because of the low price, we had low expectations, however, this glove is worth more than what you pay for it. While it isn’t as comfortable as the Easton Salvo Mitt, we really liked it.

In this case, we used the 11.5” glove. It wasn’t big enough for all of our players, but the ones that used it liked it. It was heavier than the Easton Salvo Mitt and not quite as flexible. However, it didn’t require quite as much breaking in. The padding in the glove on both the palm and index finger make catching the ball more comfortable.

4. Mizuno MVP Series GMVP1275B2 12.75" Adult Baseball Outfielder Glove

The 12.75” version of this glove was perfect for many of our players. We had one play who could only wear the Easton Salvo. This is a simple and basic mitt, but it is well made. There were no issues with the stitching or craftsmanship that we could see. That’s one issue that kept some much higher priced brands out of contention. The stitching matters for durability.

The glove was very comfortable. We credit that to the Ultrasoft Palm Liner. While it took a little while to break in, it didn’t seem to take as long as some others. One reason could have been the soft feel of the liner. It was a little on the heavy side, but the lacing made it feel lighter than some other gloves we left off the list.

The Mizuno MVP Series GMVP1275B2 12.75” Adult Baseball Player Outfielder Glove is available for purchase from

5. Rawlings Sporting Goods Player Preferred Gloves - Best Infielders glove

This was by far our favorite infielder’s glove. While it didn’t feel quite as light and flexible as our favorite for 1st base, it is a great glove for the infield. All of our selected gloves have left or right-handed versions. This one also has variations in color. So, your favorite player can pick their favorite color.

The zero-shock palm pad was impressive. We decided to give it some extra attention and it almost did as well as the Easton Salvo. The flexibility was good after it was broken in, but we couldn’t help but notice that if the mesh had been placed more thoughtfully, it could have been lighter and more flexible.

The price of this glove is also worth considering as it’s one of the lowest price mitts on our list.

6. Wilson A800 FP125 Game Ready Soft Fit Fielder's Throw Fastpitch Glove (12.5-Inch) - Cheap infield baseball gloves

We used the 12.5” version of this glove. This glove was easy to break in and flexible due to the low profile heel. It’s a little heavy, but we still liked using it more than some others we tried that were eliminated from our list. The low price and the high quality make this a top 8 worthy fielder’s glove.

One thing you might notice immediately is the palm construction. The middle of the palm has a separate piece of leather. This may seem like a small thing, but it greatly adds to the flexibility of this glove. Not all gloves have this feature, even ones that cost over $200. This makes it a good glove for catching grounders.

We noticed a broken stitch or two, but this is a good glove. The craftsmanship is good, but the A2000 was better. However, it’s a great deal for the price.

7. Wilson A2000 PS 1st Base Baseball Glove

We tried out the 12” version of this glove and it’s a solid first base mitt. It’s not as flexible as the Easton Salvo or Rawlings First Base Mitts, but it is good quality. That said, this isn’t one of the cheaper baseball mitts. The cost may be prohibitive for some hobbyists.

One advantage of this glove is that it was slightly easier to break in than the Easton Salvo. The manufacturer uses a special leather to make breaking the mitt in easier and faster. It has wrist lining to absorb sweat, but the padding leaves something to be desired. That said, it does take time to break in. Don’t expect perfect comfort the first time you put it on.

While it wasn’t our favorite 1st Base glove it is a good glove. It also seems well made because the stitches were even and none were broken like some other gloves we tried. That indicates good craftsmanship which we should all appreciate.

8. Louisville Slugger FG25CR5 125 Series Cream Fielding Glove

We tried the 12.75” version of this glove and the comfort combined with the low price was significant. The only problem we ran into was the complete lack of padding. Now maybe our boys at bat were strong hitters, but the glove didn’t cushion the blow.

The lack of padding may have been a way to reduce weight. Also, by the time a ball gets to the outfield, it isn’t moving quite as quickly. The two-toned cowhide gives the glove a nice look and it’s high quality for the price. This brand is also made in America which is a plus to many buyers.

We noticed that the stitching was a little iffy, but the glove still held up well for us.

Buying Tips and Advice

  • Most gloves require time to break in. If the glove feels stiff at first you can humidify it, apply conditioners, or just use it for a while.
  • Shop around for the best price. Amazon beats most retailers on price, but by all means, support local businesses if you look there before Amazon.
  • Make sure your glove has adequate padding. Shock absorption will protect you from injury. It can also provide comfort. You don’t want to have a sore hand limit your playing ability.
  • Consider the weight of the glove. A heavy glove will make you wear out faster over time. The sizable mesh can reduce the weight of the glove.
  • The fit on the wrist is important. A glove that slides means less control. Find a glove with a good strap.
  • Look for flexibility. A glove won’t help you if you can’t grip the ball well when you catch it. Sometimes all that’s required is well-placed mesh. Reviews like this one can help you find flexible gloves if you’re shopping online.
  • Looks can matter. An attractive mitt will make you feel better if it’s also a high-quality mitt. Frankly, everyone liked the Easton Salvo’s comfort and performance, but it looks got many accolades.

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These are all great gloves and we had fun trying them out. The Easton Salvo Mesh Series 1st Baseman's Mitt really hit the target for us as far as affordability, utility, comfort, and appearance. What you’ll notice is there aren’t a lot of high priced gloves on our list. The reason is that we look for value. Some of the high-priced mitts were about equal to the favorites we listed, but though equal in quality, they didn’t have the right price.

We suggest that when you look for the best baseball gloves, you consider the real value and not just price. You may think you’re getting a better glove for a low price, but that isn’t always the case. Choose the best gloves for your team or favorite player based on quality and not price.