The Benefits of the Baseball Gloves – Should I Invest in one?

Although the baseball games are by no means considered a dangerous sport, it can do serious damage to your hands either from ball hitting or ball catching. Pitchers can throw the ball with so much power and without the catcher's gloves, your fingers may be crushed. When you are playing the catchers position, pressure relief pads in high impact zones can be found in the gloves.

Likewise, when you are playing the hitting position, the batting gloves can keep your hand from getting sore when hitting the ball. The tension from hitting the baseball could cause hand sprain and wrist injuries. The seriousness of these injuries varies and is therefore not wise to take this issues lightly.

Types of baseball gloves

There are basically 5 types of baseball gloves and you should know which position you are playing before getting one.

Infield gloves:- These gloves are built smaller and lighther because players in this position requires quick response time and agility. It is normally 10-12 inches and have slightly deeper pockets and open webs.

Outfield gloves:- The outfield gloves have deeper pockets so that the balls will not slip out. Playing in this position normally requires you to stretch and fly more often to catch the ball more accurately, hence its no surprise that it is the longest gloves out of the five, going from 12-14 inches long.

Pitcher's gloves:- These gloves are similar to the infield gloves but is close web instead to help hide your grip on the ball from the batter.

First Base Mitts:- ​These Mitts are designed for first base only and are normally between 12-13 inches long. It does not have finger holes. They have deep pockets and are wide with curved outside edge to give the player in this position an advantage in collecting thrown balls out of the dirt.

Catcher Mitt's:- Same like the first base mitts, there are fingerless but heavily padded and specially shaped to catch incoming pitches into the presence of the deep pocket. This is one of the most specialised kind of baseball gloves in a baseball game.

How to select the best baseball gloves?

We understand that it will be confusing to choose the best one due to so many choices in the market. No worries, we have done detailed reviews on the 10 best baseball gloves for 2017. If you are left handed, we have got you covered as well. Are your kids interested in baseball too? We also have completed detailed reviews on the best youth baseball gloves. There are also some quality brands of gloves that you may be interested at. The Mizuno baseball gloves is one of them and you can find our product review for this particular brand here.