Best Youth Baseball Cleats 2018 for Youth/Kids (Detailed Reviews)

Young kids love playing baseball. They often participate in high school or college level leagues. With baseball season approaching, youth baseball cleats need to be bought.

Just like uniforms or baseball bats, baseball cleats also require your attention. You should check all the specifications of the shoe carefully before buying. The best baseball cleats for youngsters need to be extremely comfortable.

Mostly, you will have to buy new shoes for playing and practicing baseball every season. And to give their 100%, they require comfortable and premium quality shoes.

Our Recommended Best Youth Baseball Cleats

A few years ago, the choices in the kids section of baseball cleats were very limited. Often getting the correct size was a little difficult and the small sizes were not that easily available everywhere. But things are not the same anymore.

Every reputed sports product manufacturers are now making a variety of shoes for kids and teenagers. We have compiled a list of the highest rated and most loved baseball cleats for you. This article with some of the best shortlisted shoes will hopefully reduce your confusion.

It will help you in your hunt for the perfect pair and make things even easier for you. My personal favorite is the New Balance J4040V3 (Little Kid/Big Kid). Like all sports products by New Balance, these are premium quality as well.

Table of Comparison




​Rating (1-5)

youth baseball cleats

  • Material: Synthetic and mesh upper, rubber sole
  • Size(US): 1.5 to 7

Rating: 4.8/5.0

Under Armour Kids' UA Leadoff Low RM

  • Material: Nubuck and UA leather upper, rubber molded cleat sole
  • Size(US): 1 to 6

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Boy's Nike Vapor Keystone 2 Low (GS)

  • Material: Synthetic leather upper, rubber sole with molded cleats
  • Size(US): 1 to 6

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Under Armour Boys' UA Deception Mid RM

  • Material: Synthetic upper, rubber cleats and sole
  • Size(US): 1 to 6

Rating: 4.7/5.0

Nike Youth Boy's Huarache 2KFilth Keystone Mid BG

  • Material: Synthetic leather and fabric upper, rubber cleats and sole
  • Size(US): 1 to 5.5

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Adidas Performance Change Up MD 2 K (Little Kid/Big Kid)

  • Material: Synthetic leather and textile, rubber cleats and sole
  • Size(US): 1 to 6

Rating: 4.4/5.0

Mizuno 9 Spike ADV YTH FRHSE 8 RD-WH (Little Kid/Big Kid)

  • Material: Synthetic upper, rubber sole
  • Size(US): 1 to 6

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Under Armour Boys' UA Harper One RM

  • Material: Synthetic leather upper, rubber molded sole
  • Size(US): 1 to 6

Rating: 4.3/5.0

Best Baseball Cleats for Youth Product Reviews

1. New Balance J4040V3 (Little Kid/Big Kid)

New Balance has always been dedicated to assisting athletes fulfill their ambitions. For over a century, they have been on a mission to focus on development and research. This is the reason that they do not design New Balance cleats for youth that only fit a particular image.

They create shoes for everyone, shoes that fit you perfectly. New Balance also makes great youth New Balance baseball cleats. The J4040V3 has a combination designed synthetic and mesh upper material.

This is a two-tone shoe for playing baseball that features “N” logo and patterned lining with mesh underlay. It has a rubber sole with plastic molded cleats. With one cleat at the back and a pair at the front, the shoes provide ample traction.

Before buying shoes online, ensure that you check the size chart closely. There could be issues if you are ordering online without being familiar with the sizing of this brand.

Sure, there are lighter cleats than these shoes by New Balance but the comfort is undeniable. These shoes are the best for kids with wide feet. If no other shoe could give you the required breathing space, these will definitely do!

2. Under Armour Kids' UA Leadoff Low RM

Under Armour undisputedly makes the best looking premium quality shoes. The kids UA Leadoff baseball cleats by Under Armour have a low-top silhouette. The Low RM Jr. by Under Armour is baseball cleats for kids.

They have a snug fit lace-up full closure. It is equipped with padded tongue and collar for ease of taking the shoes off and on. The mesh tongue on top delivers breathability and keeps the foot dry and cool.

The forefoot offers abrasion resistance along with durability and protection. The ArmourBound full-length midsole provides cushion for shock absorption. It is 3/4 of the entire length and delivers dispersion for cleat pressure and acts as a cushion.

The technology of Rotational Traction advances rotational capability so that more speed and power can be provided. The upper material is a combination of nubuck and engineered UA leather that offers maximum durability and comfort. The toe piece for abrasion resistance ensures durability and protection for the medical condition of toe drag.

The cleats are molded and made with synthetic plastic rubber that offers Rotational Traction. Such configuration provides excellent traction and comfort along with rotational optimized capability. You can get baseball cleats for toddlers as toddler sizes are also available.

3. Boy's Nike Vapor Keystone 2 Low (GS)

Go for your next baseball match on the field with the Vapor Keystone 2 by Nike. These shoes by Nike have a lightweight and design low design specifically made for children of grade-school. These shoes have an unmatched cushioning and durable traction.

The outsole is power channel that keeps you low near the field for a high-speed game. The upper is synthetic leather to deliver added bonus to the overall light weight design. The low-cut design makes them one of the best Nike baseball cleats from youth section.

For excellent breathability, the shoe has perforations at the toe box. The mesh tongue and collar also ensures proper ventilation for dry and cool comfort. The drag cap made of TPU provides forefoot durability.

A sock liner is also provided with this Nike shoe, it helps to cushion the feet. However, these shoes are not suitable for wide feet as they fall in the narrow category. If you have wide feet, these might be a little tight and lack breathing space.

The Nike Vapor Keystone 2 Boy’s Low Baseball Cleat is extremely light in weight. The material used is premium quality. The price is just perfect!

4. Under Armour Boys' UA Deception Mid RM

The Deception Mid RM Under Armour Jr. baseball shoes come with a TPU ArmourGuide outsole. This outsole provides Rotational Traction with their cleat layout to deliver superior power, acceleration, and support.

The technology called UA ClutchFit completely wraps around your ankle like a secondary layer. This second skin is light in weight and it also provides incredible feel with powerful support. These are one of the best baseball cleats for kids.

The custom UA laces of these shoes will match with the uniform of your team. Three colors of laces are included, Team Royal, Red, and Black. You can inter-change them according to your choice.

The mid-sole are extremely soft and cushion-like. The ArmourBound 3/4 of full length midsole delivers shock absorption and ultimate dispersion of cleat-pressure. The design and graphics illustrated on the shoes are attractive and are available in different color and design choices.

Under Armour cleats for baseball youth have cleats that are rubber molded. The cleats are configured with Rotational Traction that offers excellent traction on field. These cleats also ensure ultimate comfort and optimum rotational capability.

5. Nike Youth Boy's Huarache 2KFilth Keystone Mid BG

The Nike Huarache youth baseball cleats are versatile and supportive entry level shoes for playing baseball. The price will fit right into your budget and you get the premium Nike quality as well. The upper material of the shoe is made of synthetic leather.

These shoes have synthetic leather overlays and a durable cap for toe drags. The mesh tongue is great for breathability. These shoes are equipped with a Python midsole that is comfortable and light in weight.

The Huarache 2KFilth Mid Keystone baseball cleats provide unbelievable cushioning. The Fast Flex Nike technology used on the rubber outsole delivers great durability and traction. Packed in a great looking package, these shoes are the best value cleats that you can get.

These attractive navy blue youth baseball cleats have royal blue rubber molded cleats as well. The overall look of the shoes is unique and especially attractive for lovers of the color navy blue. The fabric and synthetic overlay design makes the design stand out.

These Nike shoes are a great pair for those college and high school baseball leagues which happen annually. The ultimate comfort, flexibility, and ease of movement provided by these shoes are top notch. You get the best performance out of these shoes and the price is genuine.

6. Adidas Performance Change Up MD 2 K (Little Kid/Big Kid)

The Performance Change Baseball cleats by Adidas are manufactured for big kids and little kids. These are one of the best baseball cleats for high school and the extensive features of these shoes prove this. The upper material is made of black synthetic leather and some textile design overlay.

There are padded collars in these shoes for comfort and protection. All youth baseball cleats need to be comfortable so that they can be worn throughout a game.

The shoes are extremely breathable all due to the high quality textile lining. Another feature to facilitate breathability is the toe box that is perforated. The shoe has a closure of complete lace-up to ensure a more personalized fit.

The EVA midsole of these Adidas shoes deliver complete optimum support required by players. The outsole has molded rubber for required traction. This value baseball cleat performs equally well on dirt and grass.

You will see the signature Adidas logo on the tongue and side of each shoe. There are colored card inserts that enable you to get a customized colored look. The 3/4 length midsole are properly cushioned and it is made of ethylene vinyl acetate.

7. Mizuno 9 Spike ADV YTH FRHSE 8 RD-WH (Little Kid/Big Kid)

Mizuno follows great strategy of product development. They create products that have unique features to enhance performances of athletes. Special attention is paid to the baseball cleats that are made for kids or growing children.

The technological advancements of Mizuno provide top notch playing form irrespective of the playing conditions or the game itself. The 9 spike outsole is made from advanced technology to support superior comfort and traction. Another comfort generating feature is the superior padded tongue.

The entire length of midsole of these shoes delivers maximum comfort and stability during a baseball game. These baseball cleats for youth are great to be used in the field of grass and dirt both. The rubber studs provide durability and comfort for all types of fields.

The Mizuno performance is based on developing and providing optimal feel and fit for baseball players. These shoes are great for kids with wider feet. They will feel completely comfortable and also get the required wiggle space.

These shoes fit as expected most of the time. The price is perfect as it will not drill a hole in your pocket. You get good quality at a good price.

8. Under Armour Boys' UA Harper One RM

The kids baseball cleats Under Armour are always specialized by to pay attention towards the special needs of kids. Growing children have growing feet that need some space and at the same time shoes need to be snug and comfortable. There is an ankle strap with hook-and-loop and lace-up closure.

The UA Boys’ Harper One RM Junior is baseball cleats dedicated entirely to the game. This pair of shoes has to be the best looking ever made for kids. You get a breathable tongue made of mesh and heel pull-up loop.

The fabric lining is breathable and provides a great feel to your feet. The insole is molded thin foam. Like most youth Under Armour baseball cleats, this also comes with EVA midsole.

The midsoles are EVA that provides added cushioning, comfort, and dispersed pressure for cleats. Your kids will definitely love the color options and cool graphics of this edition by UA. The cleats are rubber molded that deliver exceptional durability and traction.

Are you looking for the best youth baseball cleats for wide feet?

Some pointes you need to pay attention to:

Size, Fit & Comfort

There are proper measurement charts that you can follow and avoid returning or exchanging hassles. Ensure that your child is completely comfortable in the shoes whether playing or not.


What kind of upper material are you looking for? Leather, PU or textile? There are lesser options when it comes to cleats in kids section. You will get turf and rubber/plastic molded cleats only.


Of course, you have to consider your budget before buying. Do not over spend. You kid will outgrow the shoe in no time. Instead buy them a new pair next year. But this does not mean that you will compromise with quality.


Everyone loves baseball and wants to try it at least once. High school, college or university matches and leagues are very common and kids love playing this intriguing game. They will require the best quality baseball cleats if they want to play.

And the best ones last though an entire season of baseball or even more. We suggest the New Balance J4040V3 (Little Kid/Big Kid). You can get these shoes in three color options.

They are available in two width options as well, medium and wide. These youth baseball cleats are perfect for growing kids and provide complete comfort while playing. This pair of New Balance baseball cleats for youth is priced genuinely.

We have also done detailed reviews on the best baseball cleats for adults. Visit this link to find out more.