The No 1 Under Armour Baseball Turf Shoes for 2018

We were recently looking for the best turf shoes for baseball and we decided to take a close look at the Under Armour brand. There was one shoe that stood out as the best of the brand, the Under Armour Men’s UA Ultimate Turf Training Shoes. Only are they comfortable and lightweight, they provide stability. The combination synthetic and leather shoes are the best turf shoes Under Armour has to offer. We’re comfortable naming the Under Armour Men’s UA Ultimate Turf Training Shoes our favourite Under Armour Baseball Turf Shoes of the year.

We’ll discuss the features of these shoes along with the pros and cons. We will give our own review and then talk about what other reviewers thought about these shoes. We’ll compare our experience with these turf shoes to the experiences of other reviewers.

under armour baseball turf shoes

We first tried out these baseball shoes on a rainy day. The rubber outsole provided perfect traction. They’re also surprisingly light weight. All of the materials make these shoes comfortable and light.

The full-length insole is both light and effective. It absorbs shock even on hard surfaces without reducing stability with too much height. The benefit of having a full-length insole cannot be overstated. It provides shock absorption and cushioning for your entire foot.

With turf shoes, there’s always the question of how much traction you’ll get when you aren’t on the turf. These provide traction on multiple surfaces including slick asphalt. The outsole left no marks on any of the surfaces wet or dry.

Comfort was a major reason we liked these shoes. Wearing them all day was no problem. There was hardly any break in time. The insoles that came with the shoes were adequate support even for high arches. However, our more flatfooted friends had no problems with these shoes.

While it wasn’t our original intention to try these shoes in wet conditions, they did well. Of course, no shoe can be trusted completely in the slickest conditions, but in the conditions on the baseball field, the were perfect.

When the weather cleared and the ground dried off we found they still performed very well. They’re well cushioned but not so much that they reduce stability. They break in quickly. They also don’t leave marks behind.

Here’s how our thoughts on the Under Armour Baseball Turf Shoes compare to those of other reviewers.

Product Features (Pros/Cons)


Synthetic and leather combination


High rebound




Black and white

Below are some of the pros and cons of this device for your reference.


  • Great insoles
  • Low to the ground for stability
  • Comfortable
  • Standard sizes available

  • Limited colors

Other Reviews

The reviews we looked at were very positive. They are comfortable and effective shoes. They don’t get in your way when you’re trying to move. That’s the important part. You don’t have to think about these shoes. You can forget they’re there. The only thing that reminds you that they are awesome shoes is that you don’t have pain at the end of the day.

The stability of these shoes has been noted by many reviewers. They’re lower than some others so you’re less likely to have your ankle wobble in these shoes. The combination of the support and low height made them useful in some rehabilitation situations.

Final Verdict

Under Armour Baseball Turf Shoes - GO FOR IT!!!

We highly recommend the Under Armour Baseball Turf Shoes. They are comfortable. They have amazing traction even on slick surfaces, and they are reasonably priced. We were surprised by how great these shoes were at such a low price. We thought it must be a mistake at first. However, they are consistently affordable regardless of the retailer.

If you need affordable and great shoes for baseball, then you need these shoes. They are also good for people that just need stable shoes for rehabilitation, just ask your physical therapist first. These are high-quality shoes at an insanely low price. We recommend that you get a pair before someone realizes how underpriced they are. On our 1-10 rating scale, we gave the Under Armour Baseball Turf Shoes a 9.8. They are amazing shoes.

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