How to break in new cleats

For those of you who have bought and worn cleats before, you know the drill. Whenever, you buy new cleats, they require some time to break-in and you ask yourself how to break in new cleats? But, this takes time and sometimes you just do not have the required time.

Depending on the type of cleats you have bought, they take a few days to a couple of weeks to reach that perfect point. Mostly, you buy snug shoes and expect them to loosen up and adjust according to your feet in a few days. But, this process can be fastened.

New shoes could also cause blisters. And this problem could turn out to be severe especially if it occurs right before an important match. So, your responsibility does not end just by buying the perfect pair of shoes.

These shoes will require a little care and attention. So, how to break in new cleats? Here are some tips that can be followed easily.

  • Training only – Keep your cleats reserved for training sessions only. While going to the training and coming back, use a different pair of shoes.

  • Clean socks and feet – Never use dirty or wet socks for games or training. This means players will either have to bring multiple pairs of socks with them. Or, they will have to bring detergent to hand wash socks and dry them at a proper place.

    Taking a shower after each game or training session could be a problem for all players. As all athletes do not have access to showers at or near their training places. Also, some players tend not to take shower because of personal reasons.

    So, in such cases, the least you can do is wash your feet.

  • “Hot Spots” – While playing or training, players could feel hot spots on their feet. These hot spots are referred to the places on your feet where you can feel the beginning of blisters. In such circumstances, the athlete should remove their shoes immediately.

  • That old pair – If you have bought a new pair of shoes recently, you must keep your old faithful shoes with you as well. In this way, if you have problems with the new pair you will have a spare for your rescue.

  • Blisters – Keep those blister band-aids handy or carry a duct tape. Prevention is better than cure. But if you do encounter bad blisters, get them treated immediately.

  • Before buying – Lace up the shoes and walk around in the store while buying. Keep your walk natural. If your heel is rubbing or your toes do not wiggle, then try different shoes.

  • DIY tips – After buying the right fitting pair you can do a little trick. Put on the shoes with socks and ties as you would for a game. Then take a bucket of warm water and soak your feet in it for 20 minutes.

Let your new pair of shoes dry completely after this. Then rub a little amount of leather softener, petroleum jelly, or shaving cream. Your cleats must be ready, but you can repeat this procedure one more time if you feel the need. Hopefully, I have answered your query about how to break in new cleats. Click here to find our detailed reviews for the top 10 baseball cleats for sale in the market today.