Best Baseball Cleats for Heel Pain,Sever’s Disease or Plantar Fasciitis? (How to Choose The Right One)

Nothing should come in the way of playing your favorite game, Baseball. There are players who suffer from heel pain, plantar Fasciitis, and Sever’s Disease. They must look for the best baseball cleats for heel pain.

You should not let the pain stop you from playing. Playing with normal baseball cleats in such circumstances might not be good for your health. You need to know that there are special shoes for you.

They will not improve your health, but paying with these shoes on will definitely be much easier. This will surely bring a smile on your face.

Easton Men's Mako Cleat - Best Baseball Cleats For Heel Pain

best baseball cleats for heel pain

The MAKO baseball cleats by Easton are handmade. The upper material is made of synthetic leather and the looks of these shoes are to die for. There is a zone panel for flexing on the upper material of the shoe.

The sole is synthetic rubber; it is basically a TPU flexible sole. The cleats are plastic molded. To provide a little assistance in case of heel pain, the cleat formation pivot rotation system helps.

This synthetic baseball cleat is durable and it features a contrasting pop colored heel. This pop color is available in two options, green or orange. The rest of the shoe is black.

It comes with a corked advantage custom-fit sock as memory foam. However, there are no width options available. This pair is produced in a single width size i.e. medium.

The size options are also limited. It can be bought in 5.5, 6, and 6.5 according to US size charts. But, if this is your size, you have got a great deal.

The price is entry-level given the premium quality of this cleat. There is a toe protector in the front of each shoe. The gel pads inserts are actually a great feature.

Mizuno Men's 9 Spike ADV FRHSE 8 - Best Baseball Cleats For Sever’s Disease

Mizuno is known for their quality and technically advanced sports equipment. They have been experimenting and discovering breakthrough advancements in the field of sports. They continue to do so.

If you are looking for certain specialized shoes or shoes that are meant for a specific purpose. You can trust Mizuno with making greatly relaxing and comfortable baseball cleats. They create shoes specifically dedicated to players who have suffered from injuries in their past.

The 9 Spike Men’s ADV FRHSE8 by Mizuno is a mid baseball cleat. It has a synthetic upper and a synthetic rubber sole. The shoe is available in 7 to 13 sizes according to the US shoe sizing scheme.

The shaft of the shoe measures 4.5” approximately from the arch. The midsole is full length to ensure maximum comfort. You get this shoe in three color options.

The advanced outsole of the 9 spike is designed especially for baseball players. The rubber cleats with studs are made for baseball players. Additionally, these durable and comfortable shoes are suitable for all types of field games. But the cushion could use more insole and the rubber cleats do not work well on all types of surfaces.

Shock Doctor Low Profile Cleat Insole - Best Baseball Cleats For Plantar Fasciitis

There is a possibility that you already have the perfect shoes. But, now you just need to add a little more comfort to them. If this is the case, you can use a product like Shock Doctor Low Profile Cleat Insole.

This Cleat Insole adapts quickly to fit into any shoe and foot shape. It is designed for players who require highest possible performance from their shoes. Their aim is to make confident cuts, move quickly, and to never lose even a single step.

It protects from injuries and provides shock absorption. It has an FX Air top cover. The mid-foot and heel Shock Dome smoothes the harsh shocks.

Otherwise, these shocks might get transferred to your lower back, hips, and knees. This product provides ample relieve from plantar fasciitis. The support caps are extremely light and they cradle the feet.

This ensures better balance, superior support, and resistance towards lateral torque. The full-foot foam absorbs shock, provides support and cushioning. This will ultimately lessen lower body pain and fatigue so that athletes can play/train harder and longer.


Hopefully, the baseball cleats mentioned above will be of some help and ease your problems. These are some of the best baseball cleats for heel pain. You will surely feel better while playing if you use these products.

All injuries major or minor, old or new, visible or hidden should never be ignored. As a regular or professional athlete, you cannot leave your completely till you heal. You have to practice a little every day.

To ease your pain and to help you through the healing process, these products will definitely help. If you aren't suffering from the above and are looking instead for other superb baseball cleats for 2018, click here to find detailed reviews on them.