How to Choose the Perfect Baseball Cleats [Benefits and What to Consider]

Adequate baseball cheats are wonderful from many perspectives and have plenty to offer. It is very much possible to take your gaming to another level when you have the right cleats at your disposal. These cleats are perfectly used as a cushion, support, and traction. Just like other sports, softball or even in baseball, few inches will matter the most and would act as the difference between losing and winning. As a player, you would love to have cleats that offer required flexibility in order to make quick movements. Superior traction should always be given priority when it comes to the selection of fleets according to the condition of the field. Proper cleats are good enough to avoid injury and give you the support for making explosive movements.

In recent times many online sources have cropped up offering a range of cleats but you need to select the right pair according to your own needs. Here we would like to cover few vital aspects that will have a huge impact on your decision.

Guidelines to Getting the Perfect Baseball Cleat

1. Construction

In general, these cleats are made up of synthetic or genuine leather. Genuine leather cleats are a touch expensive but they are more breathable, durable and supple as compared to synthetic leather cleats. Now when you choose, synthetic leather cleats, you are able to attain extra support for your ankle and middle portion of the foot. Prices are extremely affordable and as a user, you must always offer for cleats under your budget but without making any compromise on quality.

2. Ankle Support

Low-tops, mid tops and high tops are the three major categories of baseball cleats. If you are looking to gain extra support for your injured ankles, you need to opt for high tops. High tops will restrict the movement of your ankle but the extra support will keep your injured ankle in good condition. For players, who prefer speed over stability, low tops are best suited. With low tops you are allowed to make quick lateral movements thus sprinting down the base path will never be an issue. Last but not the least, mid tops is ideal for easy movement and moderate ankle enforcement.

3. Proper Cleat Size

When it comes to making the final call, you need to make sure the selected cleats are properly sized. Heel must fit snugly and toe end of your feet must not have the gap more than a quarter inch from the end of baseball cleats. For guys, who are not able to find the appropriate size, it would be ideal to opt for little tight cleats as compared to loose ones. With the passage of time, shoes will definitely expand and your tight cleats will become more comfortable. A snug-fitting cleat is more than ideal to attain adequate support for making quick movements. This under armour brand is one of the best we have found so far. At last, you need to make sure the selected cleats do come with the required amount of cushion according to your foot type.


Taking care of above-mentioned aspects will only assist you out in purchasing affordable and comfortable cleats in quick time. Click on the links below to look at our list of the best baseball cleats for sale and also for youth. If you are suffering from heel pain, you can also find our list of best baseball cleats for heel pain or even for ankle support. Lastly, we also have an info article regarding how to break in new cleats.