Best Senior League Softball Bat 2018 (Detailed Reviews)

With each year, young softball players grow and they need new equipment. Even more so when they switch to a new league with new rules. When your young player moves up to senior league, what kind of bat do you plan to get? To help you answer that question, we’ve reviewed three of the best senior softball bats. We’ll start by telling what we found to be the best senior softball bat 2018, and then tell you about our other top choices.

We started with the top 10 senior league baseball bats and reduced our list to 3 top rated senior league baseball bats. There are a lot of senior league baseball bats for sale, but hopefully, these reviews will help you find the right one for your young players.

Top Recommendation

Our top recommendation is the Easton Xl3 Senior League (-5) Baseball Bat. There are a number of things about this bat that put it above the rest. It has an extra-long barrel, it has an amazing grip, and it’s made with an excellent alloy. The alloy makes the bat lightweight and gives it a large sweet spot. With a 2 5/8” barrel, this drop 5 bat is just what you need to knock the ball out of the park.

How does it compare to our other top bats? Let’s look at the comparison table and then our detailed reviews.

Best Senior Softball Bat 2018 Comparison Table




​Rating (1-5)

best senior softball bat 2016-2017

Size: 30”-32”

Material: Alloy

Rating: 4.9/5.0

Easton S500 Senior League (-5)

Size: 30”-32”

Material: Alloy

Rating: 4.5/5.0

Louisville Slugger SLS7150 Senior 2015 League Select 715 (-10)

Size: 28”-32”

Material: Hybrid (Alloy/Composite)

Rating: 4.6/5.0

Senior League Baseball Bat Reviews

1. Easton Xl3 Senior League (-5)

This bat is a superb baseball bat that also works well with softball. Easton has shown yet again that it makes superior products that are affordable. We particularly like the long “monster barrel” design. As a drop 5 bat, it may be a little heavy for some players, but it is appropriate for senior league play. Players in senior league are older and stronger than players in younger leagues.

The sweet spot on the monster barrel is especially large due partly to the lightweight alloy used by Easton. They call the alloy HMXATM Hyperlite Matrix.

Another feature of this bat that we found to be invaluable is the grip made of HyperskinATM. This grip will help you have a firm grasp on the bat while it maintains comfort.

2. Easton S500 Senior League (-5)

The Easton S500 is a remarkable bat for many reasons. The superior quality 7050 alloy that is both light and strong is a great start. Then you have the tapered handle with a good grip. This is a USSSA 1.15 BPF certified bat, which puts in within regulations for multiple leagues. This drop 5 bats with a 2 5/8” barrel will help your player succeed.

One downside is that while it does use an excellent alloy, there are better alloys available like the one used in the Easton XI3. However, we still found it was a solid bat for our list including the best senior softball bat 2018.

Easton makes excellent bats and this is no exception. It’s made well and it does its job well.

3. Louisville Slugger SLS7150 Senior 2015 League Select 715 (-10)

The League Select is an excellent Hybrid bat from Louisville Slugger. The handle is 100% composite while the barrel is made of an AC21 alloy. This is a 3-piece bat with a 2 5/8” barrel.

This bat has an amazing trampoline effect and there’s practically no vibration when you hit the ball. The 3-piece construction of this bad ensures that the shock will be absorbed by the bat and not your hands.

The alloy in this bat is amazing, but we preferred the alloy in the XI3. We also like the monster barrel design of the XI3 better. While this is a very comfortable bat, the Easton XI3 performed better.

Still, this bat is a solid performer and can sometimes be found a very reasonable price.

Buying Tips

  • Make sure the bat you choose is allowed in your league. Some bats may seem to meet standards, but if they don’t have the right stamp you may not be able to use it. It’s best to find out before you buy.
  • Many bats are good for both baseball and softball. You don’t have to narrow your search to softball specific bats.
  • Make sure to slowly work your way toward a drop 5 bat. Using a drop 10 and drop 8 first can help you to strengthen your swing. When you have a good strong swing, you can try to move to a heavier bat. The goal is to increase weight gradually so you don’t end up with a bat that’s too heavy. An overly heavy bat will lead you to compensate for your lack of strength with an improper swing.
  • Choose a bat that absorbs shock. You don’t want to be afraid to swing your hardest out of fear that it will hurt. There are many good bats out there with technology that absorbs shock so it isn’t transferred to your hand.


If you’re looking for a great softball bat, the Easton Xl3 Senior League (-5) Baseball Bat is the one that you should try first. There are some cheaper bats on the market, but this bat with its exceptional alloy will improve your game. The XI3 is the best senior softball bat 2018 by far. On our rating scale, it was half a point above the next bat on our list. If you’re looking for an exceptional senior softball bat, the Easton XI3 is the one for you. This bat, with a monster barrel, is what you need to hit it out of the park.

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