How to Choose the Perfect Baseball Bats [What you Have to Know]

The first thing you have to know is that in order to play the hitter's position perfectly, you have to feel comfortable and in control of the bat. The level of these factors varies and depends on the batter's height, strength and his/her stance when trying to hit the ball.It is also very crucial to know the correct posture and grip when handling the baseball bat. Holding the bat wrongly can cause injury to the hands when hitting the ball. If the bat is too heavy or too long, the bat head will most likely drop during swinging.

Measure Yourself before getting a Baseball Bat

Ensure that your arm is straight out to your side. Start measuring yourself from the center of your chest to the end of your index finger. This length info together with your weight info will let you know the right size of bat for you. Here are detailed reviews done on the best baseball bats for 2017.

If your child is interested in playing baseball, you have to measure his/her height with baseball cleats on. Then ask them to stand next to the bat. The bat should not exceed your child's hip. Lastly, weight them and using the little league bat size chart, you can choose the best bat choice for them. We have done detailed reviews on the best youth baseball bats for 2017.

Where to get the best baseball bats deals?

There are so many types of baseball bats out there in the market and each of them have their own unique advantages. We find that amazon offers the best deals in today's market and we have done detailed reviews on most of the different types of bats to help our reader's save their time and getting the perfect bat. We also have done reviews on little league bats/youth baseball bats for your young ones. All of our reviews comes with a buying guide as well. If you are looking for wooden bats or big barrel bats, read our best wooden bats detailed reviews here and our big barrel bats detailed reviews. We also have done reviews on the best bbcor bats. You can also find our product reviews on the Marucci cat 7 bbcor bats.

Do you happen to be playing in the senior league? We have the right senior league bats for you as well. Baseball brands are imp​ortant as well when considering which bats to get because of quality. We have done reviews on the easton brand and the mako brand.